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St. Walter School is blessed with highly qualified and dedicated teachers. All administrative and teaching staff are Roman Catholic and are Christ centered in their faith.

Each administrator and teacher has been licensed by the State of Illinois Board of Education. Over half have attained master’s degrees. As well, our teachers recognize themselves as lifelong learners and participate in continuing education and professional development.


Ms. Raczka
Ms. Figley
Mrs. Widtfeldt
Mrs. Weisensee
Mrs. Warco - Principal
Mrs. Volk - Dean of Students
Mrs. Tomaso
Mrs. Threadgill
Mrs. Stanfield
Mrs. Sommers
Mrs. Schrack
Mrs. Schmalzer
Mrs. Ryan
Mrs. Rogers
Mrs. Rau
Mrs. Menard
Mrs. McNamara
Mrs. McClarey
Mrs. McCarty
Mrs. Mazza
Mrs. Mazur
Mrs. Martin
Mrs. March
Mrs. Malouf
Mrs. Madsen
Mrs. Ludescher
Mrs. Keegan
Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Jahaske
Mrs. Hickerson
Mrs. Hanika
Mrs. Graf
Mrs. Gifford
Mrs. Felten
Mrs. Dion
Mrs. Danielewicz
Mrs. Corliss
Mrs. Cohn
Mrs. Cipriano
Mrs. Castellese
Mrs. Candella
Mrs. Cabel
Mrs. Bollard
Mrs. Bieschke
Mrs. Behr
Mrs. Sullivan
Mr. Sheehan
Mr. Portillo
Mr. Cichowicz
Mr. Benson
Miss Tibbs
Miss Gagen
Miss Caputo
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