Admission Policies

  1. No student shall be denied admission to St. Walter School solely on the basis of race, sex, color, national, or ethnic origin.
  2. All families of students attending St. Walter School are expected to be active participants in parish stewardship. Active participation in parish stewardship is defined as using parish envelopes for weekend offertory a minimum of twice a month, or using a parish approved alternative such as e-contribution. The parish will review offertory records quarterly. If there is no record of a twice a month contribution via envelopes, or the use of the parish approved alternative contribution such as e-contribution, tuition will be adjusted to a non-parishioner rate.
  3. The ability to provide appropriate educational programs and/or the availability of space can be factors in considering admission.
  4. First priority in admission to the next consecutive grade level will be given to children who are currently enrolled in St. Walter School.
  5. Second priority in admission will be given to sibling of children currently enrolled in St. Walter School. In situations where space limitations may apply, admission will be subject to the annual family registration guidelines; including the date family registration materials are received.
  6. Third priority in admission will be given to families who are registered members of St. Walter Parish. Length of time as a registered parishioner of St. Walter Parish will determine priority. The parent/legal guardian of the child being registered must be the registered parishioner.
  7. Readmission of students, previously having transferred from St. Walter School, will, for the most part, not be considered. Requests for readmission will be reviewed on an individual basis by the principal.
  8. Admission of students wishing to transfer into St. Walter School will be reviewed on an individual basis by the principal. Transfer records and the date of the transfer will be taken into consideration. The transfer of a student into eighth grade will, for the most part, not be considered at any time during the school year.
  9. All financial accounts for the preceding school year must be settled prior to the acceptance of a registration for a new year.
  10. Financial assistance is available to any family in need. Families requesting assistance complete a FACTS Grant &Aid Assessment application. A ranking of the financial need of applicants is sent to the school from FACTS. Determination of the assistance is based on need and available funds.
  11. Any child entering preschool or kindergarten must be three, four, or five years of age respectively on or before September 1.
  12. The pastor and/or the principal may make exception to the above policies when, in their judgment, it is in the best interest of St. Walter School.
New Family Looking to Register?
Call the School Office to schedule a tour. 630-529-1721